Armoured Limb: This covers the cyberlimb with a   ballistic resistant composite. This type of cover is not easy to find and while not illegal, the security services may give you some hassle over it. The extra weight and battle hardening adds an extra die to damage rolls.

AP SDP Identity Streetwise Penalty Cost
10/8 100 D3 16 0 $200
15/12 150 D4 20 -1* $400
20/18 200 D6 24 -1 $800

This cover is too bulky to be covered by vat-skin and even if the user wears a jacket over the top and wears a glove, the hands will appear too bulky to look natural.

Armoured N Armour limb, AP is rated 200 Varies


Crystal Cover: The cover is sculptured zero gee crystal. It is available in a variety of colours from ruby red to blue diamond. Very expensive but considered very stylish in some circles. Like all covers this doesn't take any space up.

Crystal Cover N Sculptured crystal covers 500 2


Crystal Limb: The cyber limb has its main wiring and internal structure replaced so it is transparent. The external cover is a perfectly formed a flawlessly sculpted zero gee crystal. The limb appears more like a work of art and is incredibly tough, increasing its DP by fifteen. Any internal built-ins will be clearly visible (except for the very smallest) although they will be sculpted in, so the look of the limb is not spoilt. A crystal limb is extremely expensive but nothing matches it for style.

Crystal Limb N Limb made from 0G crystal 6000 3


Plastic Cover: This is a cheap and reliable covering for a cyberlimb. It is available in colours, can be transparent or have lights implanted into it. Plastic cover takes up no option slots because it's a cover.

Plastic Cover N Colours, transparent, lights 1-200 2


Realchrome: This is a rust proof shining chrome coating for that cyberpunk look. Realchrome's shine will not thanks to its duragloss coating. The stuff is even capable of constant immersion in water (or your money back). Realchrome is a covering and does not take up any space.

Realchrome N Durable high gloss chrome cover 200 2


Stripped: This is the ultimate in minimalist cyberware and comes in a variety of flavours.

Look Cost Identity Options
Skinned / Biomech $400 +2 2
Skeleton $800 +D4 +2
Terminator $1200 +D6 +2


Stripped N Biomech, terminator and skeleton lookalikes
See entry


Syn-skin Glove: This is a synthetic skin glove covering which is fits over your cyberarm, cyberleg or cyberhand. Syn-skin is not alive but is very convincing; it even has its own minor imperfections, hair follicles, bumps and wrinkles in the right places. This glove negates 2D4 points of identity loss and as it is a glove, it does not use any option spaces.

A casual observer would only notice that it is syn-skin if they made a very [25] difficult notice task. Syn-skin does not sweat and although it has some clever plastics which warm as they are bent, the skin is not as warm as living tissue.

The main draw back with this glove, is that popup weapons and other large systems require an exit port of some sort. These have a zip, often disguised as a scar or wrinkle. However, these are not easy to hide and an average [15] perception roll will spot one if the wearer is searched. Implants which could be fitted normally are not a problem.

AP SDP Identity Streetwise Spot Cost
4/2 40 -D4 12 25 $300
8/4 80 -D3 14 22 $600
12/6 120 +D3 18 20 $900

Although not on sale in many shops, there is an armoured glove which is syn-skin with a light ballistic weave. This offers some extra protection but it is more concealed than other armour. The SW rating refers to the streetwise roll to obtain a glove, while SPOT is the perception rating to tell the syn-skinned limb from a real one.

Syn-skin Cover N Synthetic skin glove covering

See entry


Vat Skin Cover: Vat skin is a bioengineered skin covering which is actually alive- it even has nails that grow. The vat skin's nerves are wired into the cyberlimb's processor allowing near normal sensory levels although the user maintains the ability to switch pain on/off. The cyberlimb will have to be modified subtly as the vat skin contains minor muscles and layers of skin. This reduces the option spaces by three.

This skin is also wired into the host's blood supply but via a modified system monitor. The monitor checks the blood pressure and if it falls below a certain level (ie- blood loss from being shot) the unit diverts blood straight back into the user's system avoiding the vat skin cover. This will stop a wearer from bleeding to death, but will kill the cover after a lengthy loss of blood. As the skin's blood supply is wired into the wearer's system, drugs injected into the limb or skin alterations done to the wearer will affect limb and user alike. Thus, it is possible for skin lacing to affect a vatskinned cyberleg.

The skin has ten damage points and when it reaches zero damage points the cyberlimb beneath is visible (an average perception task to spot). When the skin is reduced to -5 damage points then the skin is destroyed the limb is clearly visible underneath the dead vatskin.

Vat Skin Cover N Real living skin. See entry 500 -2D4