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Interface: is used by pilots to control a smart rigged (not smart chipped) vehicle. It is the ability to react using the machine's sensors and control its movements as if they were your own. Refer to the "system" section below. When studded into a smart rigged vehicle your interface skill level is the limit of your piloting/driving skill rating that you may apply (thus unskilled "riggers" cannot use a vehicle interface unit).

Resistance: this is the ability to endure physical hardship from torture, drugs or pain. It is added to your willpower when resisting those effects.

Style: this skill is the ability to dress well and make the most of your looks. It is a measure of your personal image. Fashion is bland and the designers churn out recycled ideas quarterly. Style is taking ideas and creating your own look with them. Clothes are what you make them- the same suit can look great or horrendous on different people. At +2 you know what you like but don't stand out. You might turn a few heads with +4. At +6 you are definitely together and will stand out from any crowd. At +8 you will be a the local style guru and if the media catch eye of you, then you will adorn a few magazines (until they tire of you, however).