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Archery: is the ability to use a bow or crossbow. It is added to your quickness score with a D10 against the range rating. For more information refer to the combat section.

Cycle: is the ability to ride a motorbike or cybercycle. The conditions and the manoeuvre attempted will determine the difficulty rating.

Drive: this covers driving of normal road-based vehicles from cars to lorries.

Heavy Weapons (A): is the skill of aiming, preparing and firing heavy weapons. It is used as the pistol skill is used. Refer to the combat section.

Melee: is the skill of armed combat but using non-projectile weapons. It is tested against you target's dodging, parrying or unarmed combat abilities. Melee splits into the following categories:

Pilot: this skill is the ability to fly, or pilot, a vehicle. Each vehicle requires a separate skill. Eg: pilot (tug).

Pistol: allows you to use a handgun. It covers not only pistols, but firearms fired from one hand providing they are not capable of automatic fire. Tasers, arc guns and hand crossbows are classed as pistol weapons, whereas autopistols or gauss pistols are not. Refer to the equipment and combat section for details.

Rifle: allows you to utilise a rifle, or shotgun, to its full ability. Refer to the combat section for more information.

Sniping: is a specialist skill learned only by profession marksmen. It is of little use in a firefight but is the assassin's choice. Sniping covers sniper rifles only (sometimes specially modified laser or gauss weapons fall under the sniper category). Unlike the normal aiming modifiers, sniping allows you to take much more time setting up a shot, allowing greater accuracy at much longer ranges. Refer to the combat section for more information.

SMG: allows you to make the most of a SMG's abilities. SMGs are weapons capable of full automatic fire but are not big enough to be rifles. Gauss pistols and autopistols require the SMG skill. Refer to the combat and equipment sections for more information.