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Acting: this skill is the ability to adopt a new personality and behave "in character". As with the play instrument skill, the higher your skill level, the better your technique, not to mention your popularity (although you can be talentless and popular- ask any network soap star). This skill can be used with disguise, so you not only look like someone else, but behave like them too. As with the fast talk skill, this can also be used "against" psychology. The two skills oppose each other with the winner fooling, or spotting, the target.

Command: is the ability to order others. This is not intimidation which is the threat of violence. Proper use allows you to order someone to do a specific task ("put the gun down!") or to control a small task force. To order someone, you need to beat their willpower with your willpower plus command skill in a resistance test.

Contacts (group): this skill deals with your ability to gather information, or items, through your network. Different groups deal with different areas. Review the contacts quirk to see how this skill helps you.

When coupled with streetwise, or facilities, you may add up to half you contacts rating to the roll if your contacts are relevant to the subject.

Culture (type): this skill is not so much an ability, rather it is a measure of how you fit into your society. Corporate, Family, Highrider, Street and Tribe are all types of culture and measures of social ability. The higher its level, the more culturally aware you are. You may be a suave and sophisticated corporate who knows what tie to wear to what opera; a streetkid who knows what to say, and what not, to a BloodBrother or a tribesman who knows what to do in a certain ritual. A skill roll may be used to attempt to blend in, or to make an impression, depending on the scene or situation. Etiquette: this skill is the knowledge of what to do, and what not to do, at a formal function. You will know what knife and fork to use, what clothes you should wear and at higher skill levels, the order of any ceremonies that might take place as well as any traditions the hosts might follow.

Facilities (Type): is basically the corporate version of streetwise. Corporate-types can use this to get their grubby, but manicured, little hands virtually anything. When taking this skill, you must choose one of the following categories. Each category covers your area of knowledge.

Facilities is the use of the "friend-of-a-friend network" which exists in all companies. If you wish, you can increase your contacts by relearning facilities (ie: starting from scratch), thus allowing you to pick another category. If the item you are looking for doesn't fit under any of the above, then the ref may let you use your facilities (info) at half skill rating. This will mean longer looking times, though, as you are having to ask lots of people to help you find that special something.

Fast Talk: this skill is the ability to bluff and lie your way through a situation. You could bluff a guard with false credentials, saying that head office is expecting you and you are very important. Typically it will be matched against a difficulty rating, although sometimes the acting skill may be used against it (see above). The things to remember are, always have a prop (a form or even some notes) and most importantly, always look like you are right- even if things are going down the pan.

Interrogate: is the ability to grill people under the lights and find out what they really know. This is similar to the command skill, in that you make a resistance roll against your target's willpower plus a D10 against the total of your willpower, interrogate skill level and a D10. Alternatively the referee may decide to appoint a skill rating.

Interview: this skill is the ability to politely question an individual. Whereas interrogate grills a subject, making things unpleasant for them, interview lets you take a softer and more tactful approach. By asking people certain questions, you can subtly direct the conversation, perhaps they will be quite chatty and will let something slip.

Intimidate: is the ability to threaten someone with the act, or promise of the act, of violence. It is used like the interrogation skill (above), ie: it is a duel of wills. By intimidating someone you could make them back down from a fight or let you through a security gate. Having visible a visible cyberlimb or openly carried firearm may increase you chances.

Perform: this is the ability to put on a good show. The higher your level the greater your performances and more renown you are. This skill is different from acting, as it measures your ability to entertain. Comics, musicians and even game show hosts need this skill. At +2 you can keep the crowd happy. People will come to see you if you are top of the bill at +4 while at +6 you may be a media luvvie. At +8 you will have withstood the backlash and always put on a really hot show.

Public Speaking: this skill is the ability to give speeches and crowd moving oratory. On a successful use you will be able to sway a crowd's point of view through thoughtful speech and even debate. The higher your skill level, the more people you can communicate with and the more confident you will feel.

Scrounge: this is a skill used by blacktechs and lab staff to get there hands on second hand or price reduced spares for the repairs and technical projects. A successful roll will reduce the cost of producing an item.

Streetwise: this skill is the ability to find the criminal element and score illicit gear.

Drugs, fully automatic weapons, murder contracts, software, blacktech cyberware and information (a commodity in itself) can be bought on the blackmarket. Some people may charge so be prepared to pay and to have to wait around a lot of dodgy bars looking furtive. If you have a relevant contacts skill, you may add half its value to your streetwise rolls. As mentioned in facilities, if the item you are looking for is not covered by one of the above categories, then use your streetwise (info) at half skill rating. However, because you are asking around, search times will be longer.

Seduction: this skill is your competence to hold together a relationship and your ability as a lover. It is not just your skill in "pulling" someone for a one night stand. The higher your seduction skill the better lover you are, not just sexually but romantically. Should you attempt to seduce someone, you use an average of your appearance and charisma. The target of your advances will not use their willpower, but will be given a rating (as numerous modifiers apply, they are happily attached or not interested in your sex).