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Acrobatics: this skills covers the art of tumbling; rolls, flips, jumps are covered by this. Acrobatics are best performed unencumbered. The acrobatics skill is restricted to a rating equal to double your athletics.

Athletics: this is a generic skill covering running, jumping, throwing and climbing. It is used for tests dealing with basic agility.

Climbing (type): this skill has three variants; mountaineering, freefacing and general climbing. Failing a climb roll means that you fail to make any progress. You only fall off if you fumble! General climbing covers shinning up drain pipes and scaling walls Freefacing is more like mountaineering except you don't use any fancy gadgets other than some nifty climbers boots and chalk dust. Rope? Speed climbers don't use ropes. Mountaineering covers the proper use of equipment and how to scale a vertical, or near vertical, face.

Dance (style): covers one style of dancing, be it classic ballroom, club stylee or moshpit. The higher the rating, the better you ability to cut the rug.

EVA: is an acronym for extra vehicular activity. It is partly a type of acrobatics and movement techniques used for moving around in space- outside of a vehicle. It also covers the ability to use an EVA pack and similar propulsion units.

Hide: is the art of not being found. The skill is used against the searcher's perception skill, although you will receive a bonus, depending of if they are actively searching for you and where you actually hid (so think of somewhere to hide, don't just reach for the dice).
Ride: is the skill needed to ride a horse. Some people ride them for sport while for a few tribes it is a necessity.

Shadowing: is the skill of following somebody without being seen. It is used in an urban environment where you are attempting to pursue someone without them knowing it. Your target is allowed a perception roll to spot you, although it will be at penalty unless they are actively looking for you.

Sneak: is the ability to move silently and stay hidden. Various modifiers also come into play, such as amount of cover available, how dark it is or how alert potential spotters are.

Swim: allows you to swim through water either indoor or in the outdoors. At higher levels, +3, you will be able to swim longer, at a greater speed and strength. At +5 or more you will be able to swim fully clothed without being to hampered while at +7 you will have full knowledge of lifesaving.

Unarmed Combat (varies): is a trained discipline and method of fighting. Different martial arts have different key attacks and defences. If your martial art does not have a specific move then you do not receive the skill bonus as you are not skilled in that form. For more information to the combat section.

Zerobatics: This skill covers all aspects of movement in zero-G or very low gravity environmental conditions. It is a form of acrobatics that allow you to move from A to B, fire a gun or fight without spinning out of control.