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Bioware is not as easy to install as cyberware. Cybernetics are quickly hooked into the host's CNS and can be anchored quickly to the body. Bioware implants need time to heal, but their advantage over cyberware, is that they are harder to detect and they heal. A broken cyberhand remains broken, a flesh and blood hand will recover.

Eyes and ears require complex surgery which costs $1000. This means a minimum of two days at a clinic. The surgery does D6+8 damage.

Limbs require very complex surgery which costs $2000. The process causes 2D4+10 point of damage.

Patients will not be able to use their transplants until all the damage has healed. This means they cannot see, hear or walk depending on what was replaced. Most clinics provide a reduced rate for recovery, unless the person has had heavy surgery.


O-type parts are grown in special vats. They are not cloned from the buyer, but from genetic stock that has very low rejection rates. 




Bioware eyes come in any normal colour and fashion colours are available (extra $100 for all black or reptile). Some eyes have been improved so they have extra options. The options should be picked at purchase, as they are part of the eye, they are not installed.


For any of the hearing mods to function fully, both inner ears should be replaced. An "ear" replaces the inner and outer ear. Just the inner ear costs $400.